1. Jive: the renovation of AsWing

    Nickolay Grebenshikov’s speech at the world wide Haxe conference WWX2015 Nickolay Grebenshikov is a head of the Abakan development center of Lanit Tercom in Russia. He started working as a programmer in 2000, making web sites using PHP. All his professional career is related to the Internet, especially to the...
  2. TiVo Activity Haxelib

    Todd Kulick’s speech at the world wide Haxe conference WWX2015 Todd Kulick is Vice President of Technology, Office of the CTO TiVo, Inc. He has professionally developed video and graphics products for twenty years at companies like Silicon Graphics, nVidia and TiVo. During his fifteen years at TiVo, Todd has been...
  3. Isomorphic Haxe: Using Ufront to build apps that work client side or server side

    Jason O’Neil’s speech at the world wide Haxe conference WWX2015 Jason O’Neil is the co-founder and developer of Today We Learned. He uses Haxe to make web apps for the education market.  After going « full time » with Haxe in 2013, Jason built the Sheridan School Management System for a network...
  4. Haxe for the Web: Getting things done

    Juraj Kirchheim’s speech at the world wide Haxe conference WWX2015 Juraj Kirchheim is a Freelance Developer. He has been around the Haxe community for a while now. A former flasher, now a devoted Haxer, he likes pushing the language to its limits, to annoy the compiler team to get new...
  5. Prospects for using Go libraries in Haxe

    Elliott Stoneham’s speech at the Haxe conference WWX2015 Elliott Stoneham is a freelance developer. Elliott first discovered programming in 1974 and has been inhaling deeply ever since. He exhibited at the first Internet World Show in London and wrote the website that sold the first insurance product online in the...
  6. 10 years of Haxe / 10 things I like

    Nicolas Cannasse’s speech at the Haxe conference WWX2015 Nicolas Cannasse is the original creator of the Haxe language and he is now directing Haxe Foundation. He is also the Co-founder of Shiro Games and a Game Developer. Nicolas Cannasse – GitHub Nicolas Cannasse – Twitter Haxe Foundation – GitHub Nicolas...
  7. Compte rendu vidéo de l’atelier #5 : optimiser son référencement

    Comment optimiser le référencement de son site internet ? Intervenant   Cet atelier est animé par Alex Hoyau   Surnommé le webapp cat, Alex Hoyau, a récemment intégré le groupe Ebuzzing comme architecte front-end après une belle    réussite en tant que freelance (TF1, Radio France, France TV …). Alex est...
  8. Compte rendu de l’atelier Silex v2 – Villes en biens communs

    Le premier atelier Silex v2 organisé par Silex Labs dans le cadre de l’initiative Villes en Biens Communs s’est déroulé à Cifacom le 12 octobre dernier. Cet atelier était animé par Pol Goasdoué Co-fondateur de l’association Silex Labs et co-créateur de Silex. Il a permis à une trentaine de participants de découvrir Silex...
  9. Les vidéos de l’Haxetelier#4 : Passez en mode Node.js pour un mhaxe de simplicité

    This article is about Haxe workshops organized by Silex Labs, with its partners Intermedia Paris and IESA multimedia. It happens in Paris, so the article is in French. Voici les vidéos de l’Haxetelier#4 qui s’est déroulé le 11 septembre 2013 à l’IESA Multimédia. Désolé pour la qualité de la vidéo et...

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