Isomorphic Haxe: Using Ufront to build apps that work client side or server side


Jason O’Neil’s speech at the world wide Haxe conference WWX2015

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Jason O’Neil presents “Isomorphic Haxe: Using Ufront to build apps that work client side or server side”: Most web frameworks do their work on either the client or server. But most web-apps need a combination: server side rendering is great for a fast first page load, backward compatibility and search engine optimisation. And client side rendering makes the rest of the page loads feel instant, like a native app. Jason will show how Haxe and Ufront let you get the best of both worlds.

The presentation has been made on the website

Ufront API documentation

Ufront - GitHub

Watch the video: voir la video

Jason O’Neil: “Being part of the WWX Haxe conference this year was a real privilege. So many game-changing ideas, people working on great projects, and great ideas buzzing around the different groups of delegates.  I definitely left feeling inspired with some of the projects that were shared, ideas that were explored, and people that I got to meet with.  Lots of fun, lots of code, not much sleep.  Can’t wait for WWX 2016.”

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