10 years of Haxe / 10 things I like

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Nicolas Cannasse’s speech at the Haxe conference WWX2015

Nicolas Cannasse is the original creator of the Haxe language and he is now directing Haxe Foundation. He is also the Co-founder of Shiro Games and a Game Developer.


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Nicolas Cannasse shares with us his 10 things for the 10 years Haxe’s anniversary in his talk “10 Years of Haxe / 10 Things I like”. He presents the latest changes that were introduced in Haxe as well as Haxe Foundation plans for the future.



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Nicolas Cannasse said « 10 years is a long time but still went quite fast. This talk was a good occasion to look back and focus on the things that makes Haxe unique, the reasons I created it in the first place ».

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