Jive The Renovation Of Aswing

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  • Nickolay Grebenshikov’s speech at the world wide Haxe conference WWX2015

    Nickolay Grebenshikov - GitHub

    Nickolay Grebenshikov - Twitter

    In his talk

    The second part is about his opinions about UI librairies

    [Slides of the talk

    Watch the video: voir la video

    More WWX2015 videos here





    Cross-Platform Game Development with the GameDuell DuellTool

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  • GameDuell’s speech at the Haxe conference WWX2015

    Sven Otto and Rui Campos are respectively Lead Developer and Engine Developer @GameDuell.

    [caption id=”attachment_204906” align=”alignright” width=”181”] Sven Otto, Lead Developer @GameDuell[/caption]

    Sven Otto - GitHub

    [caption id=”attachment_204898” align=”alignleft” width=”182”] Rui Campos, Engine Developer @GameDuell[/caption]

    Rui Campos is a Game Developer from Portugal....

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