1. Prospects for using Go libraries in Haxe

    Elliott Stoneham’s speech at the Haxe conference WWX2015 Elliott Stoneham is a freelance developer. Elliott first discovered programming in 1974 and has been inhaling deeply ever since. He exhibited at the first Internet World Show in London and wrote the website that sold the first insurance product online in the...
  2. Cross-Platform Game Development with the GameDuell DuellTool

    GameDuell’s speech at the Haxe conference WWX2015   Sven Otto and Rui Campos are respectively Lead Developer and Engine Developer @GameDuell. Sven Otto admires programming since his youth and occasionally digested books introducing C/C++, Objective-C or 3D Games with DirectX. Several years later he studied computer science in Berlin and released...
  3. You don’t know FlashDevelop – Tips and future

      Philippe Elsass is Software Engineering Manager at Massive Interactive. He is the founder of FlashDevelop. FlashDevelop is free and open source IDE for development of Adobe Flash websites, web applications, desktop applications and video games. The primary purpose of FlashDevelop is enabling developers to edit, compile, debug and publish a...
  4. 10 years of Haxe / 10 things I like

    Nicolas Cannasse’s speech at the Haxe conference WWX2015 Nicolas Cannasse is the original creator of the Haxe language and he is now directing Haxe Foundation. He is also the Co-founder of Shiro Games and a Game Developer. Nicolas Cannasse – GitHub Nicolas Cannasse – Twitter Haxe Foundation – GitHub Nicolas...
  5. Haxetelier #8 : Trucs et Haxetuces

      Haxe, langage libre et cross platform !  C’est le retour des Haxeteliers pour faire du Haxe en mode participatif et permettre aux haxeurs parisiens qui le souhaitent de présenter leur usage de ce langage. L’idée est de permettre à tous les participants de proposer une “lightning talk” (entre 5...
  6. wwx2013 speech: Lorant Pinter « Conquering uniform cross-platform text rendering »

    Lorant Pinter – Developer at Prezi Lorant has been a software developer for more than twelve years. His most recent project at Prezi forced him out of his comfort zone of enterprise Java development, and pushed him over to the client side. This new challenge involves many platforms, dozens of...
  7. wwx2013 speech: Laszlo Pandy « Automating cross-platform UI development at Prezi »

    Laszlo Pandy – Developer at Prezi Automating cross-platform UI development at Prezi   Here are the other videos of the wwx2013: Day 1 – Talk Nicolas Cannasse: What is Haxe? – Talk Juraj Kirchheim: Macros: a lot has changed in Haxe 3 – Talk Cristian Băluță: Native iOS apps with haxe objective-C target – Talk Valérie Alloix...
  8. Cocktail, for an open bar community !

    Some parts of this article are now obsolete, as Cocktail has changed a lot (2012-08-14). Cocktail, what is cocktail?! Cocktail is the name of a new project @ Silex Labs. This is an article for developers about the haXe library Cocktail, cross platform haXe! Please use up-to-date Firefox 6, Chrome or...

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