wwx2013 speech: Lorant Pinter "Conquering uniform cross-platform text rendering"

Lorant Pinter - Developer at Prezi
Lorant has been a software developer for more than twelve years. His most recent project at Prezi forced him out of his comfort zone of enterprise Java development, and pushed him over to the client side. This new challenge involves many platforms, dozens of languages (including both human and computer dialects, Haxe among them), and the rekindling of his love affair with typography.

Conquering uniform cross-platform text rendering
Our product at Prezi is a presentation tool that needs to show presentations in exactly the same way on a growing number of platforms and devices. Prezi is all about zooming, so even the slightest differences are enlarged. Of the parts that make up a presentation, text is the hardest to get right: each platform has it’s slightly different way of displaying text. So we decided to roll our own solution, with Haxe at its core. We had to add some other things, like JavaScript and C++ to the mix as well. Come and see how all this fit together in the Prezi text rendering engine.

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