1. wwx2013 speech: Lorant Pinter « Conquering uniform cross-platform text rendering »

    Lorant Pinter – Developer at Prezi Lorant has been a software developer for more than twelve years. His most recent project at Prezi forced him out of his comfort zone of enterprise Java development, and pushed him over to the client side. This new challenge involves many platforms, dozens of...
  2. wwx2013 speech: Laszlo Pandy « Automating cross-platform UI development at Prezi »

    Laszlo Pandy – Developer at Prezi Automating cross-platform UI development at Prezi   Here are the other videos of the wwx2013: Day 1 – Talk Nicolas Cannasse: What is Haxe? – Talk Juraj Kirchheim: Macros: a lot has changed in Haxe 3 – Talk Cristian Băluță: Native iOS apps with haxe objective-C target – Talk Valérie Alloix...

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