WWX2014 - Speech : Péter Sipos "Haxe as Web development platform?"


The 4th International Haxe Conference WWX2014 organized by Silex Labs took place from 23th to 26th may 2014 in Paris.Here is the video of Péter Sipos’s speech at WWX2014.


Peter capture

Senior dev & Tech lead at Prezi

Peter is working on phasing out the Flash codebase of Prezi for years using Haxe. Along the way he worked with Haxe code compiled to Javascript running in Webkit embedded in Objective-C, and Haxe code compiled to SWC running in Adobe AIR talking with itself compiled to JS running in a C++ AIR native extension. Recently he’s focusing with his team on targeting Web with Haxe.

Haxe as Web development platform?

Haxe is one of the most undervalued programming languages, it is a flexible and modern typed language, which can probably be best characterized as a cross-platform casual game development platform. But is it all it can ever be? It compiles to Javascript. It is more powerful than Coffeescript and EcmaScript 6. It is more mature than TypeScript. It interoperates with native Javascript better than Dart. What does it take to be a web development platform, and can Haxe become one? Does it want to become one?



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Video credits

  • Alexandre Coulon
  • Bastien Cantilhion de Lacouture
  • Gregory Parodi
  • Antonin Stephany
  • Léni



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