1. Wrapping up WWX2015

    If you didn’t already know about this, Silex Labs organized the World Wide Haxe Conference 2015 aka WWX2015, the international conference on Haxe the free cross-platform language from the 29th May to the 1st of June 2015. We’d like to thanks once again Mozilla Paris for hosting us so well...
  2. Isomorphic Haxe: Using Ufront to build apps that work client side or server side

    Jason O’Neil is the co-founder and developer of Today We Learned. He uses Haxe to make web apps for the education market.  After going « full time » with Haxe in 2013, Jason built the Sheridan School Management System for a network of Australian schools using Haxe and Ufront.  Now he’s focusing...
  3. Atelier Silex BackNode

    Objectifs : L’association Silex Labs  propose une série d’ateliers pour découvrir les technologies et méthodologies utilisées par les professionnels de la création de sites internet. Les intervenants professionnels du web sont là pour partager des retours d’expériences sur les bonnes pratiques d’organisation et de travail collaboratif. Cet atelier entre dans...
  4. Cross-Platform Game Development with the GameDuell DuellTool

      Sven Otto and Rui Campos are respectively Lead Developer and Engine Developer @GameDuell. Sven Otto admires programming since his youth and occasionally digested books introducing C/C++, Objective-C or 3D Games with DirectX. Several years later he studied computer science in Berlin and released three iOS games as an indie game...

Événements à venir / Upcoming Events

  1. VIM MEET-UP #9 : “Let’s Vim together again! »

    6 août @ 19:00 - 21:00
  2. Atelier OCaml

    26 août @ 19:00 - 21:00

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