Why Silex v3

TLDR; Internet 2000 web studio is investing time to develop the next major version of Silex free open source website builder. Here is why, here is an article about Silex v3 and here you can join the beta tester program.

If you like it better there is a short video about why I’m investing so much time thanks to the company, same content as you will find bellow

This article is about why I am investing so much time - thanks to the company I co-created, internet2000.net web studio, why we do invest that time and efforts in the new version of the free and open source website builder Silex. This is for three main reasons:

A new paradigm in the website builder world: design on real data

The first one is Silex needs a feature which was invented and created by Webflow, this great website builder. They have this thing they call design on real data and we are rewriting Silex first to have this new way of designing. Webflow has a cms embedded in it and when you edit data in the cms then you can design with this data in the website builder, so you have lists, you have pages, with the data. When you update the data in the CMS you see it in your website builder and then when you publish the data stays dynamic.

No-code + open source = free to learn, free to evolve, more profitable

The second thing is we wanted it to be open source. We used Webflow for a while and - beside the problems of pricing, we wanted the output the to be really the way that we wanted and it wasn’t possible even if we had skills and and money and time to do it, we couldn’t do it in Webflow, we can do it with the open source silex. Also no-code and open source have a lot in common, they both empower people with new opportunities, it is made for you to grow with the tool and the community is really at the center of these.

No-code + JAMStack = ultimate performance

So, the last reason why we went for a rewrite of the open source website builder is that we need to own our tools. We want our websites to be static, we want to design with no-code JAMStack web sites. With silex we can do this.

What does it look like?

You will bring your own headless CMS and then choose a static site generator, you will have the real data on the stage and you’ll be able to design and then output a website which is static. That’s the challenge and the you should come and visit silex.me where there is an article explaining that in details


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