WWX2016 is coming!!

The 2016 World Wide Haxe Conference is officially launched, time to start getting ready for it!

The WWX is the annual meet-up for the developers of the Haxe community, during this event you will have the opportunity to discover the latest Haxe’s innovations and strategy. This event provides you with an unmatched platform to meet, network and share knowledge on Haxe.

We’ll give you more details soon and we’ll be counting on you to help us spread the word about it! You should follow the hashtag #WWX16 if you don’t want to miss anything.

If you have an idea that you would like to listen to/participate feel free to open an issue too.

This Github repository is the one place where the entire organization is centralized in a free and open source manner. In it you’ll be able to find every communication materials, every decisions and every tasks discussed publicly.
Feel free to improve them or contribute new ones, create press releases and helping us getting things done!
It’s important for us that you feel free to improve WWX. That’s why if an idea has a great number of supporters and is realizable (in time and budget), we’ll do everything to make it happen in total transparency.

If you wish to sponsor this great event contact us at contact(at)silexlabs.org.

This is already the 6th WWX, let’s make it the best WWX yet, hope to see you soon in Paris!
Same place as last year, so if you weren’t there and you’re curious you can take a peek on the numerous photos of WWX2015: montage workshops

You can also watch or watch again the WWX2015 videos.

The Thaxe Force Team

Thanks to Valentin Lemière for this article

Valentin Lemière has been using Haxe for 3 years and mainly works on HaxePunk twitter.com/ibilon


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