WWX2014 Speech : Jean-Baptiste Richardet "What's your favorite Haxe IDE?"


The 4th International Haxe Conference WWX2014 organized by Silex Labs took place from 23th to 26th may 2014 in Paris.Here is the video of Jean-Baptiste Richardet’s speech at WWX2014.

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What’s your favorite Haxe IDE?

What’s your favorite ide ? That’s a real question in the Haxe community. From the independent developer to the 20 men team, tools can vary. Are you sure you’ve got the one that suits you needs? This presentation will briefly present to you the major tools for Haxe development and let you decide, what’s your favorite ide.



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Video credits

  • Alexandre Coulon
  • Bastien Cantilhion de Lacouture
  • Antonin Stephany
  • Grégory Parodi
  • Nicolas Masson
  • Léni



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