wwx2013 speech: Yannick Dominguez & Raphaël Harmel « Cocktail for game UIs »

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Yannick Dominguez – Co-founder & Web Application developer – Intermedia Paris
As Web application developer, Yannick co-founded Intermedia Paris and is the main contributor to the Cocktail library.

Raphaël Harmel – Co-founder & Web Application developer – Intermedia Paris
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Raphaël is fan of technology, Djing and kite-surfing.
From teaching in engineering schools, he then became a supply chain consultant, working worldwide for companies like Sony and Alcatel-Lucent.
Then he dived into web technologies and co-founded Intermedia Paris in 2012 where he focuses on mobile, tablet & TV application development.
He has been using Cocktail extensively and is also a contributors to this project.

Cocktail for game UIs
Cocktail, HTML / CSS rendering engine, is used to create UIs in Haxe NME / AIR / Flash. This presentation targets games developers, to show how to get started, and what to expect from this Haxe library.

Here are the other videos of the wwx2013:

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