wwx2013 speech: Nicolas Cannasse "What is Haxe?"

Here is the speech from Nicolas Cannase to open the wwx2013

Nicolas Cannasse - CEO, Haxe Foundation

Nicolas is the CEO of the Haxe Foundation and lives in France. He’s also an independant Game Developer at Shiro Games, and he loves making game and writing compilers. He designed and wrote the Haxe programming language, and the Neko Virtual Machine. He is specialized in programming languages, compilers, VM, Game development (Game design, Flash and website programming) and Open Source software development.

What is Haxe?

Of course you might already know what Haxe is. But it’s actually many different things. A language, a compiler, a set of tools. How do we define Haxe today and how will it evolve in the future? Nicolas will be there to answer these questions and present Haxe Foundation goals.

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