wwx2013 speech: Laurence Taylor "Make it Fly (Haxe, Fp and Arrows)"

Laurence Taylor
Alan Kay noted that a point of view is worth 80 iq points, which would be a blessed relief if I could be sure which one that was. Laurence Taylor spends his days hacking magnificent code, and his nights wondering where it all went wrong. He has been working with Haxe since the early days and is now hammering on several frameworks.

Making it Fly. (Haxe, Fp and Arrows)
Asynchronousity is at the heart of most modern applications, be it mobile, web, or desktop. Functional programming techniques contain ways to tame asynchronicity in a way that is logical, useful and simple, allowing for more terse and extendable programmes with a consistent style. This talk bootstraps the various components of the idiom and introduces the necessary habits of thinking that make for an effective approach to programming.

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