wwx2013 speech: Jason O'Neil "Web Apps in Haxe (an idea whose time has come)"

Jason O’Neil - Lead Developer, Sheridan Research Institute
Jason O’Neil is a designer, hacker and developer from Perth, Western Australia. Making his first website at age 11, he loved it and went on to study Multimedia Design. Coming from ActionScript, PHP and Javascript, he discovered Haxe in 2009 and knew it was going to be big. Now he works with Sheridan Research Institute, using Haxe to develop innovative apps and content for the education sector.

Web Apps in Haxe (an idea whose time has come)
If you’ve spent any time with Haxe, you know that it’s powerful, especially in its native environment: gaming. But what about using Haxe for websites and web apps? Is it production ready? What does a full stack Haxe web app look like? What are the advantages with using Haxe over Rails or Django? What are the challenges? In this talk we’ll look at a recent web app we’ve made, share our experience, the lessons we’ve learned and some of the tools and libraries available to you when writing web apps. And then, to prove that Haxe is ready for the prime-time in developing full scale web apps, we’ll quickly create a demo app so that you can see how it all fits together.

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