What a user ! What a guide ! In English please !

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After two weeks of work, The Masked Koala has translated the French User Guide of Silex into English, for your convenience!

Right now, you can learn Silex

This documentation will let you discover a lot of things that you do not expect I guess

  • Installation
  • Manager
  • Wysiwyg
  • Text editor
  • Actions and Accessors
  • Customize your Silex
  • OOF

And for the developers, you will find technical documentation in the codex


So please, keep it alive and leave comments in the documentation itself, right where every body is looking for answers (and in the forum too http://community.silexlabs.org/silex/forum_en/ )

Silex Labs team.


  1. mad frankie fraser

    2 Déc 10

    lovely !!!!

  2. ariels

    6 Déc 10

    je dirais même rhaaaa lovely!

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