Welcome to "Silex V1.7.0 RC1 COAL" !

It’s now official ! A new version of Silex has been released today :)

And what a version !

We have been working these last monthes to enhance ergonomy, to add cuting-edge functionalities and to solve most of the bugs.
We also provide by default a theme (enterprise) and a publication (business card) as a starter kit.

Here is an overview of the major enhancements :

  • HTMLGenerator plugin is now included in the standard release :)
    It gives you the ability to have an HTML5 rendering, which is mandatory for your sites to be available in mobile devices, such as iPhone, iPads, Android and more…

  • Addition of the “Selection Tool” which provides a simpler way to edit your assets on the stage. You can select, move, change their position on the fly in an illustrator-like way.
    This is a key point for you to be even more productive with Silex.

  • Addition of the “Edition Toolbar” which allows you to add shapes and text in a really easily way.

  • Redesign of the toolbars which provides an even more user-friendly interface.

  • Redirect plugin enhancement to provide the ability to choose the default site version, either flash or HTML

Feel free to install this fresh version and “Coal” version, or update your silex server if you have one

And enjoy !

New Silex user ?

You are going to use Silex for the first time ? Here some infos that can help you
  • How to install Silex ?
    Check the dedicated documentation
  • When it’s done, how to proceed ?
    In this new Silex version, you arrive directly on a the “Visicard” default publication. In that way you can see how a publication is built. Feel free to open the WYSIWYG and see how it works .
    If you want to access the Manager and create your publication, click on this button .
  • Does a Silex documentation exist ?
    Yes ! Click here to see documentation summary
  • Silex, if I have some questions about it ?
    Feel free to ask your questions on the Silex users forum

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