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This plugin adds a video player component supporting .srt subtitle files.
There are several remote skins provided with this player.
Here is the default skin:


To install this plugin on a silex server, use the manager’s plugin installer (exchange platform), or copy the snapshot plugin folder in the silex_server/plugins folder.
Server activation (for all publications):
In the server’s manager go to « Settings > Plugins > Activate a plugin », click on the plugin icon and then on « confirm ».
Specific publication activation:
In the server’s manager go to « Manage », click on the publication on which the plugin should be activated, then click on « Plugins > Activate a plugin », and finally click on the plugin icon and then on « confirm ».


To add the SRT Player on the stage:
  • click on the ViewMenu’s Wysiwyg button
  • click on the layer where the component has to be added
  • click on « add component »
  • in the Audio/Video part select the SRT Player
To configure the video and the subtitle:
  • make sure the video and subtitle have been placed in the media/ directory of the silex server
  • select the wanted video file by clicking on subtitles file’s url « edit » button
  • select the wanted subtitle file by clicking on video’s url « edit » button
To change the remote skin:
  • select the wanted skin file by clicking on vplayer skin’s url « edit » button
  • the remote skins are located in SRTPlayer/as2/SRTPlayer
  • the remote skins preview are visible on the right of the Wysiwyg




The snapshot plugin folder contains several files:
contains the php and the links to the swf files needed to load the plugin.
  • as2
    • SRTPlayer.swf: the SRT Player swf which contains the needed AS2 classes
    • SRTPlayer directory: contains the 28 default Flash remote skins.
  • descriptors
    • SRTPlayer.xml: the SRT Player descriptor defining SRT Player parameters
  • editors
    • SRTPlayer.swf: the SRT Player specific editor used in the Wysiwig
  • icons
    • videoDisplay.swf: the video display Wysiwyg icon used by the SRT Player
  • lang
    • contains the SRT Player translations files


They can be found on following subversion repository:
And also in this zip file: SRT Player source files


  1. AlanKelly VerbatimIT

    26 Mar 13

    est q’il y a une « meilleur » format pour les fiches sous-titres?

  2. codam

    27 Mar 13

    The best format to use is srt files

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