This component align components to the stage borders, scene borders or to the component position.


To use this component, you must first install it on your silex server and then activate it for your publication or for the entire server.


  • Anchor Point

    The point to align the components to. Might be one of the scene or stage corners or the ultralign component himself.

  • Aligned Components

    Lists all the names of the components which must be aligned by the ultralign components. It can be others ultralign components.

  • Xoffsets

    Lists all the x offsets of the aligned components, for instance the first Xoffset in the lists is the Xoffset of the first component in the Aligned Components lists.

  • Yoffsets

    Same for Yoffsets.

  • Positioning

    Determine how to align the aligned components, absolut moves all the components to the anchor point, vertical arrange the aligned components in a column where the first component in the Aligned Components list is at the top of the column, horizontal arrange them in a row, where the first component in the Aligned Components list is at the left of the row.


For the illustration, we have a green rectangle and a yellow ellipse. We are going to align them with the Ultralign component.

Let’s see the different positioning (in the following examples, the anchor point is “self”)
Absolut :

Horizontal :

Vertical :

Let’s see the different anchor point (in the following examples, positioning = absolut)

SceneTopLeft :

SceneTopRight :

SceneBottomLeft :

SceneBottomRight :

Note : it’s exactly the same principle for stage anchor point.


  • You can change the  x and y position of the ultralign component only if the anchor point is on “self”

  • You can align several ultralign components only if the ultralign components aligned to another one have their anchor point on “self”

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