The MOKICK Story


Markus Raab’s speech at the world wide Haxe conference WWX2015


Markus Raab is Managing Director and Head of development at Bayer und Preuss. He is a senior ActionScript developer and created games, websites, e-learning modules, business applications, installations and whatever you can think of during the last 15 years. He’s really into creating application frameworks and loves diving into the Haxe world, which incidentally gives him the opportunity to tackle even bigger JavaScript projects without worrying about code maintenance.

Markus Raab -

Markus Raab -

In his talk  “The MOKICK Story” Markus Raab gives us a sneak preview on the current development status of MOKICK. The vision behind MOKICK is to create an offline content management system and authoring tool which provides an easy and unified way for creating content of any kind - usable everywhere. He shows us the basic concept of the underlying graph based data model, how the editor (OpenFL) creates his views based on project specific data rule sets and content, how the PureMVC layer enables easy batch task implementation and how all this applies to a real world project.

Slides of “MOKICK Story”

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