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A lot has been done since the beginning of the year. Many thanks and hats off to those who have helped out!

– The beta of V2 reloaded is nearly ready.
– We have a simple website up
– the old website has been mirrored, for nostalgia about pizzas and for reference
– the documentation is clearly not finished, but it’s started

What’s still to do to get to v2.
– finish the documentation
– start work on a more complete website. We have some ideas here, but it’s at a standstill
– reintegrate the service browser
– write more tests
– fix a few outstanding bugs, mostly in serialization/deserialization, as everything around it seems to be working smoothly

On the side, here are some projects that could be of interest
– the native PHP extension
– Eclipse/Flash Builder integration
– integration with your favourite PHP framework
– more plugins, especially third party
– writing a wikipedia page, an osflash page, etc.

If you feel like you could help, or a comment, or idea, please give us a shout!


  1. Glenn Williams

    25 Avr 11

    Hi Folks,

    good stuff. I had no idea tha5t amfPHP was still in active development. Very pleased to hear that it is.

    nice job on the new website etc.

    cheers guys

    tinylion development & design uk

  2. Phil

    26 Avr 11

    keep up the good work guys 🙂

  3. Leng

    3 Mai 11

    Great job. I was thinking to integrate amfphp v2 with DooPHP, along with some examples and tutorials. Just one quick question, how would you use this new version with the service browser?

  4. lexa

    3 Mai 11

    Thank you for your feedback, we appreciate it a lot!

    @leng please feel free to email ariel or me and explain your idea 🙂

  5. ariels

    3 Mai 11

    The way I see it it should be made into a plugin, and it could catch calls to its DiscoveryService class using the FILTER_SERVICE_OBJECT in the service browser. I just took a look the hook would need a bit of tweaking though. If you want to take a crack let me know!

    Ps I think this is a duplicate comment, Leng, one place is enough though we appreaciate the intention 🙂

  6. Leng

    3 Mai 11

    Woops sorry for the duplicate comment. I am an amfphp old timer since Patrick days, had a site(no longer exist) of mine on the showcase section. I guess I owe amfphp a lot.

    It’s been a while since I last check on Amfphp updates. At first glance on the alpha, things seem to be tidy up which is nice.

    I am halfway thru writing demo+tutorial for integration of the 1.9 version(Still using the old version) with doophp framework. Initially, it was the service browser that attracted me to amfphp in the early days.

    Will try to hook up the old DiscoveryService with v2 once I am done with the tutorial on the older version. Hopefully, the full v2 version will be release by then heh.

  7. ariels

    4 Mai 11

    @leng. Welcome back then! One of the aims of the new version was to make it easier to integrate. We’ve got some documentation that touches on the subject here

    Other than that I’m hoping to get the service browser in the basic plugins for v2 proper. Anyway, let us know how it goes

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