Here is a list of the services provided by Silex Labs to open source communities.

The services provided by Silex Labs to open source communities are provided for free. To attend the events though, you might need to be a member.

Organization effort


We have recently launched a certification program for AmfPHP.

It gives us the opportunity to be in touch with motivated users, and professional service provider for our projects. We advertise them so that they give the professional touch needed for mainstream open source projects. And we make sure that they have all the information to evangelize the project and talk about Silex Labs.

Organization effort


Silex Labs has produced the 120 pages of documentation for Silex. It has been handled by Isabelle and Franck. We have written and translated all these pages, with the help of several freelancers, companies and contributors.

The idea is also to organize documentation and translation workshops, encourage library developers to write comments and generate documentation out of it. Some of the schools we are partners make their students work on this matter in the as part of their studies.

In the same vein, we like to centralize and structure data proliferating all over the web into one place, to help new users embrace the projects. This is why you will find here, on the Silex Labs community platform, sections dedicated to Silex, AmfPHP and Haxe, with a generic overview of each individual part of the project, its upstream and downstream projects, and links to the official sites and source of information.



Federating event

Since 2009, we have organized events, conferences and parties, when a new version of one of our project is released, workshops for developers and decision-makers, and a lot more.

For example, for the AmfPHP v2.0 release, a really important event for the community lead by Ariel, we organized a celebration party, with showcase and networking. We also organized a more formal conference at La Cantine. For this new version, we released a new logo, slides about whys and hows, etc. A blog post has also been written, naturally relayed by the community world wide.

We did the same for many Silex, Haxe and amfPHP major releases.

We write articles regularly when a project has a spotlight, like when Silex reached the 100.000 download, Cocktail v1 was out, AmfPHP has a new functionality 

Haxepéros are gathering organized on a monthly basis. And finally, there is a type of events which we call BCBG – another pun word in french, and in English it means Business Challenge for Business Gurus. It is a good way to gather VIPs in a very classy place, with not more than 30 people, drinks and some food. We take our guests through an initiatory course, to discover the bright side of the business. We ask them to play the « what if » game and we try to shake their certainties, split in discussion groups after a general introduction. Here is an article about one of these BCBG events we held last year. It was about open source business models. Here are the slides for this event.

BCBG in partnership with Mediabox training center.




Silex Labs has gathered a lot of people these past years, through workshops and trainings. The audience is made of students and people from other communities, which are key targets to us, potential contributors, users and prescribers. It is very important to give them access to our software and to help them reach a comprehension level at which they are able to decide or not to go further.

We organize meetings with upstream and downstream projects:

As well as « cross-communities » parties and conferences in order to to promote synergies:

And finally, we have been co-publishing articles to relay our message

Organization effort

Federating event


The WWX2012 is a good example of what we do for the Haxe community. We have made this event a celebration for the contributers and for the users, showing off to the prospects and prescribers.

Before, during and after the event, we have helped the community be organized and communicate efficiently.  Working groups have been opened, for Haxe communication, for the conference staff and for Haxe leaders.

Many blog posts and tweets have been written by the community and the communication group is still active.

Also you can check the #wwx hash tag and soon we will release the pictures and videos, stay tuned Silex Labs on twitter, on facebook and Silex Labs blog.

This event,  conferences + great party, with 100+ people over 4 days was a challenge: book plane tickets, hostels, etc. for VIPs, handle day to day organization, live streaming, recordings, pre and post event communication… And what was the most important to us was to make an effort on the fresh aspect of all the visual communication around this event, because we believe Haxe needs to appear dynamic and trustworthy.

In 2013, we have also a great WWX planned.

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