Silex v2.0 - Part 1, the vision

This article is part of a series of articles about the new version of Silex HTML5 editor.
Designers will find out what they can do with it. Web developers will have an insight of the technologies behind Silex v2.

silex-v2-the vision

Silex, live web creation, and also known as the HTML5 editor

[caption id=”attachment_179335” align=”aligncenter” width=”607”]The HTML5-editor, also known as Silex The HTML5-editor, also known as Silex[/caption]

In 2012 and 2013, several people, freelancers and companies have been involved in the definition and the development of the next version of Silex, which we believe is the next big thing in term of open source website builder.

This new version has these goals

  • edit HTML files without programming skills
  • fulfill the common needs of the professional designers, and allow web developers to extend it
  • plugged into the cloud, and also standalone

In two years we have made 3 prototypes. And the third one is by far the simplest and the more efficient of all.

Nevertheless, there is room for improvements, and several important functionalities are still missing. We hope that web developers will give a hand, and others will give time - ideas, bug reports, translations, questions and answers to form the documentation etc.

Right now, Silex v2 is functional and we already have produce several websites with it.

More is coming soon, in the next article “Silex v2.0 - Part 2, what is it exactly?”


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