Silex v2.0 – Part 1, the vision

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This article is part of a series of articles about the new version of Silex HTML5 editor.
Designers will find out what they can do with it. Web developers will have an insight of the technologies behind Silex v2.

A version 2, why and of what?

As you may know, the Silex Labs core team is historically involved in the promotion of Silex, live web creation, also known as the HTML5 editor.

In 2012 and 2013, web professionals have been involved in the definition and the development of the next version of Silex, which we believe is the next big thing in terms of open source website builders.

This new version aims to:

  • edit HTML files without programming skills

  • fulfill the common needs of the professional designers, and allow web developers to extend it

  • plugged into the cloud, and also standalone

Silex for who, and for what?

Whatever your skills are, Silex has many benefits for you

  • designers can quickly create the templates they need
  • editors can easily update their contents
  • developers can add as many functionalities as they want by using the script editor or their IDE to edit the HTML files generated with Silex
  • beginners can enjoy the wysiwyg mode which allows them to create beautiful websites without (the need to have) programming skills

In two years we have made 3 prototypes. And the third one is by far the simplest and the more efficient of all.

As you know, contributions are the key of successful free software. This first release of Silex v2 is very exciting. There is room for improvements, and for many great functionalities. So we count on web developers to give a hand, and on others to give time, ideas, bug reports, translations, questions and answers to form the documentation etc.

Right now, Silex v2 is functional and people have already produced several websites with it. For example this amazing « parallaxe » website by léo Francia, great designer, and not a coder.

If you want to know more about it don’t miss the next article, « Silex v2.0 – Part 2, what is it exactly?« , you can also watch the video of the first workshop (the video is in french).

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