Silex SEO Plugin


This plugin adds the possiblity to generate SEO (Search Engine Optimization) informations for a silex site in some specific cases.

Normal cases are already taken care of by Silex.

It is specifically designed for these cases:

  • when different pages (or deeplinks) share the same layer (useful for multiple languages contexts).
  • when dynamic content is used. In that case the seo plugin should be run regularly.

This includes:

  • accessors resolving
  • Oof selector children resolving and parsing

Silex natively takes care of the following cases, when you are saving the layers via the Wysiwyg:

  • only one deeplink is used per layer
  • html compatible components (text, images, label buttons…)

Example provided !!!

This plugin is provided with an example publication named “test_seo_plugin” so you can easily try this functionality.


To install this plugin on a silex server, use the manager’s plugin installer (exchange platform), or copy the plugin folder in the silex_server/plugins folder.


This plugin has to be activated at publication level.

Specific publication activation: In the server’s manager go to “Manage”, click on the publication on which the plugin should be activated, then click on “Plugins > Activate a plugin”, and finally click on the plugin icon and then on “confirm”.


To generate seo information for all layers of the publication: -In the server’s manager go to “Manage”, click on the publication for which the seo should be generated, then click on “Generate Seo”.

-The plugin will update the /silex_server/contents/site_id/*.seodata.xml files contents.

-As a result, the sitemap of the site (accessible here: /silex_server/sitemap.php?id_site=site_id) will be updated.

It can be useful to check the sitemap before and after running the SEO generation process.




The snapshot plugin folder contains several files:

  • index.php
    • contains the php needed to load the plugin.
  • directories
    • hx
      • contains the PHP seo project generated with Haxe
    • lang
      • contains the translations files


They can be found on following subversion

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