Silex Labs, what a month of june this year

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This last month we have had a lot of fun with Silex Labs organizing 3 events in Paris in june 2011. Thank you to all people who could come and visit us, welcome to those who we met there!

Here are some pictures

And here is a little summary of what has happened…

Business Challenge for Business Guru

This evening in Paris was a success, organized in partnership with Mediabox, the famous French training center and community forums, known to be the best when it comes to Adobe software.

The « challenge » was to make us think about open source business models, to study several business cases and to talk about how business could be generated around Silex Labs Community in a sane and positive manner. It was a good opportunity for us to present the non profit organization and its open source projects.

40 people came by this night to collaborate and meet: entrepreneurs, executives, developers, designers, etc.

Here are the slides we have used partially to serve the discussions

[slideshare id=8587779&doc=bcbgdoc-110713131814-phpapp02]

Futur en seine

PTT dev camp

The PTT workshops (Plugins, Themes & Templates) occured at IESA multimedia, a school in the middle of Paris.

The idea was to have one full day for people to learn how to use Silex, and depending on their profile, be able to create a website, a template, a plugin, or more.

The morning started with a global overview of Silex, and during the afternoon two groups were created, one focusing on graphical aspects and integration, one other on plugin development.

The day ended with pizzas, wine, and a presentation of some interesting themes and plugin. The future of Silex (multi-platform) was also discussed.

These workshops were a success as the audience left with ability to do either a website, either a plugin by themselves.

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