Silex in the top 50 !

Friday the 4 february - is to remember !!!

For the first time in the history of Silex on Sorceforge (nearly 4 years), it reached the 50th position, on a scale with no less than 8 500 projects…

Party time !!!  This great performance deserves to be celebrated !!!

” The incredible” is true… here is the proof

This looks promising for the next version v1.6.1.. (which will soon appears)

Along with the 50th position, there are some important things to be shared…

For those who did not followed the news, here is a short listing  :

  • A great wysiwyg which allows you to add your components in a new manner
  • A new automatic updater and installer for themes, plugins, etc…

  • New incredible plugins
     pdf import, tween / animation in Silex, UltraAlign, best button, slider, filters… here it is, Silex plugins !
  • New designs/ themes
    lite design, sushi theme (a dynamic template with the content in an excel file !) here it is, sushi theme !

What a great piece of news !!!

Shall we say that today was the beginning of our success !? We want to thank you all for making this possible. Thank you for helping Silex be better every day, and thank you for making Silex Labs your friend…


Silex Team

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