Silex Carbon development opportunities

Dear Silex developers,

As you certainly know, Silex core team have had 6 months of development paid by a French group, in order to work full time on Silex ergonomics, optimization and standardization. And the non profit organization Silex Labs has followed the move and did a great job for communication and

So we have launched Silex v1.6.0 three weeks ago, with a new plugin system, for developers to develop with a WordPress inspired API. The exchange platform let you distribute your plugins for free and offers you a door into the user’s manager.

You can make tools for the editing of websites, such as align tool box, ruler, etc. in Flex or in javascript. You can develop server side plugins for statistics, redirection, etc. in php. The visual plugins, such as contact form, carousel, etc. are in AS2. There are plugins in the manager, which are made of php and javascript.

In particular, we think that two plugins are really missing, and we would like to help you with it:

    • translation plugin, in order to replace the old translation interface of Silex. It is supposed to provide anyone a simple way to translate a plugin, or Silex itself. We already have set up an API for the manipulation of translation files, so this development is about javascript and HTML mainly.
    • PDF import plugin. Since there is a Flip Book animation layout on the exchange platform, this would be great to be able to upload a PDF file and then convert it into a Silex Flip Book or site, automatically, from the manager. This is about php and HTML and it could take some Flex or javascript also. We provide the classes used to read and write the Silex layers into XML, and there is already a prototype running with SwfTools but it has no visual interface and it is not a Silex plugin yet.

So, people, it is the right time to learn about Silex plugins, and we are willing to help you with this. Please contact Silex Labs with a proposal or questions: contact [at]


Silex Core team.

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