Remember wwx2012, Register for wwx2013

Dear members, dear Haxe family,

We are happy and proud to be in charge of the organization of the new Worldwide Haxe conference which will take place in Paris from May 24th to May 27th 2013. As last year Silex Labs wants to organize this event in a good mood of friendship and serious work on innovative technology, and as last year we have the chance to have great speakers for this event. (the speakers’ list is available on the wwx2013 website)

We hope that you will be as motivated as we are to be an active member of this community in order to make this event a success, we really need you for our haxe family so register now.

[![](/assets/we_want_you-haxe.png “we want you for our Haxe

We had a great time together last year, and if you were too drunk or too tired to remember here are some nice picture from freddy.

But we had also serious work and you can watch all the videos from wwx2012 speeches using the following links: - AWE6 by Rob Fell

NME vs the World by Philippe Elsass

- [First Contact
Selling Haxe to clients and developers]( “First Contact
Selling Haxe to clients and developers”)

HXCPP – Haxe girt by C++ by Hugh Sanderson

Haxe 3 and 4 – Plans for World Domination by Nicolas Cannasse

- [Haxe/Java and

Haxe/C#: Practical examples and implementation details by Cauê Waneck”)

Cocktail v1.0 Sunrise, cross platform UIs with Haxe by Alex Hoyau & Yannick Dominguez

Vector Graphics in the browser with Haxe by Franco Ponticelli

Multiplatform productivity tool with Haxe by Peter Halacsy

Getting pragmatic developers started with Haxe by Robert Bak

- [Haxe macros
meta-programming done right by Juraj Kirchheim]( “Haxe macros
meta-programming done right by Juraj Kirchheim”)

Britzpetermann & Haxe by Nico Zimmermann


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