NPM, Haxe at the heart of Javascript ecosystem

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David Mouton’s speech at the world wide Haxe conference WWX2015

_DSC0237dmoutonbdDavid Mouton is CTO at Happy Technologies. He is originally a design director and professor, and gradually switched into software engineering and became Happy Technologies CTO. Thanks to a 15 years experience in web app conception, he gives his support to application architecture problems and development choices. He also manages the development team, promoting agile practices, industrialization and continuous improvement. Convinced by knowledge sharing and open source development, he commits himself with various community activities. He is co-founder of the TTFX digital community and « Code of War » creator.

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David Mouton presents “NPM, Haxe at the heart of Javascript ecosystem”. Javascript ecosystem for web app development is well implanted and NPM is at the centre of it. Coffeescript and Typescript are perfectly integrated and have offered a real alternative to full Javascript development. For almost a year now, Haxe has constituted a third alternative in this ecosystem.

In his talk David explains why Haxe is a very relevant option. He introduces its current state of integration, fonctionning and evolutions to come.

focus : web applications development


slides of “NPM, Haxe at the heart of Javascript ecosystem”

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