New screencasts for Silex !

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Lexa did it !

Thanks to lexa’s insomnia, Silex won 2 great screencasts.

Their topics are :

A great initiative for Silex and it’s community !

So, if you can’t not sleep, make screencasts 🙂

Note : Lexa used Screenr, a free tool that doesn’t require any installation.


  1. rainer

    4 Mai 11

    hi lex, great work!


  2. lexa

    4 Mai 11

    Hi guys!
    Thank you for relaying the info and for feed backs 🙂
    Hope it will be useful!

  3. rapH

    6 Mai 11

    Well done Alex !

    You’re the boss !

  4. franck

    6 Mai 11

    If someone else can’t sleep… 😉

  5. Fraser

    6 Mai 11

    Excellent !!!

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