New record for Silex !


It’s now official ; Silex reached the 100.00 downloads :)

100.052 to be more precise.

Silex covered a lot of ground since he made his entrance on Sourceforge in april 2007. Elected project of the month in june 2009, Silex multiplied the releases since then (9 per year on average).

For the main releases

Top 5 of the countries where Silex is the most downloaded


  1. France (11% of downloaders)
  2. Italy (6% of donwloaders)
  3. United States (4% of downloaders)
  4. India (2% of downloaders)
  5. Germany (2% of downloaders)

Silex had been downloaded in 190 different countries.

Congratulations to all who work on Silex. Lots of advancements had been realised, and something tells me that the best is yet to come…

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