new beta release for Silex. plugins and a new text editor

Dear developers and testers,

Silex has evolved to a more structured framework made of javascript, ActionScript and php classes.

Ariel and Lex have implemented a system of hooks which make it possible to develop components, layonew reluts and tools which override the behaviour of Silex. Here are some interesting links to explain this “hook” technique we have set up in Silex
And in French
The first applications we did with it are very important
a new rich text editor which is the first step to porting Silex to AS3 and using tools made with Flex. It is possible to use this tool in a separate window, changing the way you use the tool boxes, and making it possible to use two screens with Silex. All the tools are being ported to AS3 and we will try to include several powerful ideas.

An other application is the “measure tool” which let you measure the execution time of several functions in Silex. We will use it to determine where we can optimize the code. And we have already found several things we can change to make Silex much more efficient so that it requires less memory to use it.

So please help us with your comments on the 1.5.4 beta release

Looking forward to “seeing” you on the forums,
The dev team.

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