Neutral Catalog - PDF import template

Here is an Online demo of this pdf import template

The Neutral Catalog PDF import template

This Silex theme is a PDF import template, which means that it is possible to convert a PDF into a site, automatically replacing the inner pages of the theme by the PDF pages.

Use it with the PDF import plugin to generate websites from this template, please read instructions bellow

Neutral catalog example which shows the template after a pdf was uploaded and converted

To make a web site out of a PDF, follow these steps

  1. login into your Silex manager, on the home page select “import PDF”
  2. click “upload PDF” and upload your PDF
  3. select the desired template in the list and click “convert”
  4. follow the link to your new site

What to do after importing a PDF

After importing your PDF you can add multimedia to your flip catalog. Simply open your catalog and enter Silex WYSIWYG editor. Then use Silex to change anything you want.


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