Multiplatform productivity tool with Haxe

What would you use if you had to deliver an animation heavy, interactive application to the the Android OS, Apple iOS as well as to PCs and a dozen different browsers? Adobe has got it’s own answer. Unity3d has their own answer. But what if your code base was 100,000 lines and you wanted to include javascript? Is Haxe the right answer?

This is the story of a budding romance between Prezi, a cloud based zooming presentation tool and Haxe.

Ex-ocaml coder (machine learning, information retrieval PHD), ex-assistant professor at the New Media department of Budapest University of Technology. Also co-founder at Kitchen Budapest, Hungary’s media lab.

Here are the other videos of the WWX
Selling Haxe to clients and developers

The video

! Information ! You can find Peter Halacsy’s interview (in french) on Silicon Maniacs - A very interesting interview realised during the haxe conf, also featuring Nicolas Cannasse, Rob Fell and Valerie alias Elimak


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