May the Force be with you: making a game with awe6

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Pronounced “awesome”; awe6 is game inverted. An IoC template framework providing scalable, flexible and intuitive tools for the rapid development of quality games. Learn how stunning Flash games including “LEGO® Star Wars™ Ace Assault” were built with awe6 and how they can be deployed to any platform including mobile and HTML5.

Robert Fell – Associate at Hypersurge

Bio: Since co-founding UK agency « 4T2 » in 1998, Robert has recruited, trained and inspired cohesive teams around innovative, profitable and sustainable web technologies. Based in BC, Canada since 2006 Robert has led award winning agile project developments at “Hypersurge” for brands including LEGO, Disney and the BBC creating >.5 billion user experiences.

Read further to see the video

Here are the other videos of the WWX  :
Haxe NME vs the World by Philippe Elsass
First Contact : Selling Haxe to clients & developers by David Peek & Dominic De Lorenzo
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Haxe 3 and 4 – Plans for World Domination by Nicolas Cannasse
Haxe/Java and Haxe/C#: Practical examples and implementation details by Cauê Waneck
Cocktail v1.0 Sunrise, cross platform UIs with haXe by Alex Hoyau & Yannick Dominguez
Vector Graphics in the browser with Haxe by Franco Ponticelli
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Getting pragmatic developers started with Haxe by Robert Bak
Haxe macros : meta-programming done right by Juraj Kirchheim
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And here is an awe6 workshop in Paris and Amsterdam in june 2012.

The video

The slides


  1. lexa

    20 Juin 12

    Does someone have the slides of the talk?

  2. lexa

    20 Juin 12

    Very good talk Rob, it’s like you do that since always! And awe6 IS awesome indeed 🙂

    @elimak thx for the link, i put it in the article

  3. ariels

    20 Juin 12

    I’m in Swizterland and can’t view the slides 🙁

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