La classe !

Juste un mot pour vous dire que de temps en temps je reçois des mails d’encouragement sur contact (at) silexlabs (point) org ou sur d’autres adresses. Cela reste assez rare et en général ce sont des petits mails “vite fait”.

Mais celui d’Elvin le photographe m’a fait bien plaisir…

Dear lexa,

It has been a while since I was not active with my web site, that as you know is powered by your awesome SILEX.

I’ve been very busy since the end of last year, and that prevented me from finishing up my web site (though it’s almost complete), and posting on your forum my case study. However, I haven’t forgot that obligation, and for sure I will do it as soon as I find some more time. My web site helped me boost my professional profile, and for sure it was a wise move for me to build it. Feedback I am receiving from those who saw it is always positive and enthusiastic. :)

Today, I went to my google analytics account and was surprised that I had dozen of unique visits referring from And I went to your site, and found my ( site listed among photographers in your reference list. This makes me really proud of what I’ve accomplished with SILEX, and I am looking forward on updating my web site and contacting you soon. :)

I hope you are doing well!

Best regards…


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