Install new items on your Silex server

This tutorial will show you how to install new items from your Manager.

The items can be plugins, fonts, layouts, themes, etc…
All the items can be found on the exchange platform.

In this tutorial we will install the slideshow template site.

Let’s go !

  • Go in your Manager and follow these instructions

Click on the “Install new items for Silex server” which will access to the categories of the exchange platform

Click on the wanted category (for advanced users
these categories can also be found on the exchange platform)

Choose your sub-category or select directly the wanted item in the “items list” (for the purpose of this tutorial choose the “tutorial sites” category).

Choose the “Tutorial Slideshow”

Click on “Install this item”

Click on “Start installation”

Click “yes” to confirm the installation

Your item is now installed.

To use it (for themes and tutorial sites only) go in the rubric in your Manager menu, and choose "Create a site from a template".

You will find it in the list.

This tutorial is finished !

If for some reason  you want to uninstall items, look at this tutorial.

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