Hxcpp : State of the enum (union)

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wwx2015-hugh1Hugh Sanderson’s speech at the world wide Haxe conference WWX2015


Hugh Sanderson is Lead Software Engineer at Dynamic Digital Depth. By day, Hugh works on machine vision, and by night he works his vision on a machine, writing the hxcpp haxe target. He has been programming with Haxe for over 6 years and is the primary contributor to the c++ back-end. He has also made significant contributions to the Nme, Waxe and Gm2d libraries.

Hugh Sanderson – GitHub

Hugh Sanderson – Twitter

Hugh Sanderson – Blog: http://gamehaxe.com/




Hugh Sanderson presented at the WWX2015 “Hxcpp : State of the union enum”. This talk takes a tour though the current state and future directions of the hxcpp target.  There are been quite a few juicy changes in the C++ backend over the past year.  With tighter native integration for the more nerdy developer and better scripting integration for the not-quite-so-nerdy developer, there should be something in talk for everyone.

Slides of “Hxcpp : State of the union enum”

Watch the video:

Hugh Sanderson: « I had a fantastic time at wwx this year – great to see some new faces and some old ones.  I think I talked to most people at some stage and found the diversity of ideas and uses for haxe very inspiring ».



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