HXCPP – Haxe girt by C++

This talk covers the broad design strategy of the Haxe c++ back-end, and how this design effects the implementation. Some low-level details will also be discussed, which will imply some coding tips for optimized performance.

By day, Hugh Sanderson is the Lead Software Engineer at Dynamic Digital Depth, where he writes software for all types of stereoscopic 3D devices; by night, he develops with Haxe and is the primary author of the C++ back-end. Hugh started using Haxe in 2007 while looking for a cross platform development tool and by the end of that year he was working on the neash library for flash-like functions on the neko platform. In 2008, craving ever-higher frame rates, he started to work on the C++ back-end, which saw its first official release in mid-2009. He has continued to evolve the C++ back-end, and it now runs on almost all computing platforms that have C++ compilers. Hugh is also a principal developer of several Haxe libraries including NME, which replaced neash, to provide cross platform graphics and utilities.

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