It was awesome! And it’s over. We should do it again :-)

The conference was sold out, so it goes to show that Haxe has incredible momentum. There were people from France of course, and also Australia, New Zealand, USA, Brazil, Canada, Hungary, Germany, Netherlands, UK, and Italy. The variety of applications they are working on with Haxe was equally mind blowing: web, mobile, games, artistic installations, presentation software.

Of course, a good presentation needs an audience, and we would like to thank the people who attended for listening, supporting the speakers and interacting with them. There were many conversations that sparked great ideas that would never have come to light without the social mix that only happens at a conference.

We also needed to let off steam and get the creative juices flowing, so we had a great Saturday night at the Bistrot Marguerite, who ran a private party for us with drinks and “Verrines de Boeuf Bourguignon”. For geek cred we could play video games projected on the ceiling while we danced.

[caption id=”attachment_132254” align=”aligncenter” width=”300”]Silex Labs WWX party, haxe conference 2012 Silex Labs WWX party, haxe conference 2012[/caption]

Thank you finally to our sponsors and everyone who helped out. We’re happy and exhausted. See you all next year!


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