Haxe NME vs the World !

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What is NME ? What’s in it for you? Is it easy or hard to use, to extend? Does it have a future?
Discover the many faces of this powerful Haxe framework for cross-platform and devices game development.

Philippe Elsass – Awesome coder

Philippe is a freelance flash/js/haxe coder, technical director and trainer. Before that Philippe has led small and large, local and international, Flash and HTML productions, during 8 very long years in big French web agencies. He was seen more recently doing mobile work, using Titanium and NME for instance.

Philippe is also the co-founder of FlashDevelop project – and in particular, when you say “FlashDevelop code completion rocks” you’re making him a personal compliment.

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Here are the other videos of the WWX  :
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