Haxe in the Enterprise: A Case Study


Alfred Barberena’s speech at the world wide Haxe conference WWX2015


Alfred Barberena is Senior Manager SW Engineering at TiVo, Inc. He managed the conversion of the TiVo UI codebase to Haxe. He has been involved in digital interactive television using embedded devices since his time at OpenTV in 1997. Since then he has worked in the set-top box UI space for with cable, satellite, VOD, and now DVR devices. He has experienced firsthand the challenges and the rewards of deploying Haxe on millions of consumer devices.


In his talk “Haxe in the Enterprise: A Case Study”, Alfred Barberena presents Tivo’s experiences using Haxe for user interface development on set-top box and mobile devices. Tivo covers the challenges experienced and lessons learned in such areas as performance measurement, API “cheating” for performance, memory leak tooling, and memory churn optimization. He also discusses the consumer reception of Tivos Haxe-based releases and shares some consumer satisfaction metrics.

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