Haxe and OCaml united


Cet article est en Anglais, la traduction en français ici.

The mission of IRILL, the Center  for  Research and  Innovation  on  Free  Software, is to bring together in one place leading  researchers  and  scientists,   expert   FOSS  developers,  and  FOSS  industry  players  to  tackle  the  three fundamental challenges that FOSS poses today: >

  • scientific: study, explore and solve the new problems raised by the development, maintenance and wildly varying evolution process of the large mass of code that FOSS gives access to
  • educational: adapt curricula for users, system administrators, and developers to prepare them for a computing infrastructure in which FOSS plays a prime role.
  • ecomomic: contribute to create a sustainable ecosystem for the FOSS innovations

This conference is a first step towards collaboration between IRILL and Silex Labs, and an entry into the world of OCaml, which is evolving and which involves talented OCaml developers, who could play a role in the development and sustainability of Haxe.

It’s free and open to the public, we would be delighted to have the fans ;)

Date and place

Thursday, May 3, 2012 at 15:45
23 avenue d’Italie
75013 Paris


Alex Hoyau (Silex Labs)


Haxe, cross-platform language based on OCaml.Abstract: Haxe is a community project French used by companies like Zynga, Prezi, Influxis, github, … Originally scheduled for game development in Flash and javascript, other languages were added to targets Haxe: C + +, php, java, C #. This makes the solution free Haxe the most promising for the development of web applications and native mobile, desktop software, game consoles and TVs.

After a brief presentation of the ecosystem and the framework is developed Haxe, we will see what makes Haxe an original solution to the problem which is that of ordinary multi-platform publishing. I will present also some libraries must-Haxe, particularly NME and Cocktail that hide the inconsistencies of target languages behind a standard API.

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