Haxe 3 and 4 – Plans for World Domination

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You will learn about what is planned for upcoming Haxe versions, and the mad scientist secret plans to conquer the world…

Nicolas Cannasse – CTO, Motion-Twin

Haxe lead developer, love making games and writing compilers.

Here are the other videos of the WWX :
AWE6 by Rob Fell
NME vs the World by Philippe Elsass
First Contact : Selling Haxe to clients and developers
HXCPP – Haxe girt by C++ by Hugh Sanderson
Haxe/Java and Haxe/C#: Practical examples and implementation details by Cauê Waneck
Cocktail v1.0 Sunrise, cross platform UIs with haXe by Alex Hoyau & Yannick Dominguez
Vector Graphics in the browser with Haxe by Franco Ponticelli
Multiplatform productivity tool with Haxe by Peter Halacsy
Getting pragmatic developers started with Haxe by Robert Bak
Haxe macros : meta-programming done right by Juraj Kirchheim
Britzpetermann & Haxe by Nico Zimmermann

The video

The slides

! Information ! You can find Nicolas Cannasse’s interview (in french) on Silicon Maniacs – A very interesting interview realised during the haxe conf, also featuring Rob Fell, Peter Halacsy and Valerie alias Elimak


  1. Haxe3の新機能まとめ | 机上のにゅーろん

    20 Août 13

    […] 2.09リリース時点では、Haxe3.0でC#,Javaをサポートする予定(https://www.silexlabs.org/133720/the-blog/haxe-3-and-4-plans-for-world-domination/)で、2.10リリース時http://haxe.org/doc/release/2.10にも”their final implementation in Haxe 3.0″って書いてあったので、3.0でC#,Javaが正式サポートだと思ってたのですが、3.0公開後の発表ではそこらへんに触れてるものがなかったです […]

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