Happy new year 2012 !

The Silex Labs team wishes you a happy new year 2012 !

Lots of happiness, health, success, etc…(in other words the classics of each year) and lots of Silex websites !!

This passage of the years 2011 to 2012 is an opportunity for us to
  • Wish you an happy new year (yes we really insist)
  • Tell you we had a very good year 2011(many releases, cool partnerships, loads of events, as much themes as you could wish for, etc …)Note: if you want to know the details of our year 2011, do not hesitate to consult the results of our General Assembly
  • Tell you we intend to have a very good year 2012 (with releases, other cool partnerships, loads of events, and many other surprises…)
  • Share with you some of our resolutions (even communicate better, make more tutorials and more themes, debug even better …)
  • Suggest some resolutions to you (become a Silex Labs member, ask more questions on the forums, contribute to the projects’ lifes, follow us on facebook and twitter, come to our events…)

Sincerely yours,

The Silex Labs Team

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