First Contact : Selling Haxe to clients and developers

We all understand the power, reach and potential of Haxe as a language and a development platform. Clearly communicating these strengths to your organisation and clients is vital to the growth and success of the platform. To the ears of decision makers, Haxe sounds like risk. Just another “write once, run anywhere” pipe dream they’ve never heard of that will cost them time and money. As ambassadors to this new world we take on the responsibility of first contact – introducing, educating and convincing them on the strengths and weaknesses of Haxe. Showing them the light.

Dominic has over 10 years industry experience combining user centric interaction design principles with various rich internet technologies across desktop, IPTV, inflight entertainment, mobile and embedded devices. For the last 2 years he has been responsible for developing and commercialising the cross platform Massivision UI Framework (written in Haxe of course), and selling in the virtues of Haxe to numerous high profile telcos, media organisations, broadcasters and communications companies around the world. Dominic is also a major contributor to several open source Haxe projects including MassiveUnit (unit testing) and MassiveCover (code coverage).

Jack of all trades, master of some, David is a chronic experimenter. Weened onto programming by the gradual introduction of scripting to the Flash Player, he now works in HaXe, AS3, JavaScript, C++, Ruby and the occasional bash script. Definitely a right brain developer, he knew about easing long before he knew about encapsulation. He’s been building UI frameworks since before it was cool. David oversees the software architecture, implementation and developer workflow for the Massivision UI Framework and is responsible for a number of open source Haxe projects including RobotHaxe and HXSignals.

Here are the other videos of the WWX

]( [Vector Graphics in the browser with Haxe by Franco Ponticelli

  • [Haxe macros
    meta-programming done right by Juraj Kirchheim]([


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