1. wwx2013 Lightning Talks

    Here are the videos of the wwx2013 lightning talks: Juraj Kirchheim « A new IDE is born, in Haxe for Haxe » Luciano Broussal « The Haxe Multiplayer solution by Nuggeta » Clemos aka Mister Sublime « Haxe as a web development tool » David Anema « Smooth animations with Haxe targeting JS » Jason O’Neil « Haxelib » Nicolas...
  2. Le 5 juin open sourcez vous les neurones avec Silex

    Chers Silexiens, Nous avons le plaisir de vous annoncer que les ateliers « Silex » reprennent du service, tous les membres sont les bienvenus à l’IESA le mercredi 5 juin de 17H30 à 21H30. Pour ceux qui ne sont pas encore membre de l’association il vous suffit d’aller ici https://www.silexlabs.org/silexlabs/join/ Merci de vous inscrire c’est...
  3. Silex’s Survey

    All they think about Silex ! Few weeks ago, Silex Labs launched a survey among Silex’s users. The goal: see what users like in Silex and what is missing? We had been both surprised and consolidated in our choices : the Wysiwyg and the plugin system was a great success...
  4. New record for Silex !

    100.000 Downloads !! It’s now official ; Silex reached the 100.00 downloads 🙂 100.052 to be more precise. Silex covered a lot of ground since he made his entrance on Sourceforge in april 2007. Elected project of the month in june 2009, Silex multiplied the releases since then (9 per...
  5. Silex SEO Plugin

    Description This plugin adds the possiblity to generate SEO (Search Engine Optimization) informations for a silex site in some specific cases. Normal cases are already taken care of by Silex.

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