1. Haxetelier#4 : Passez en mode Node.js pour un mhaxe de simplicité

    This article is about Haxe workshops organized by Silex Labs, with its partners Intermedia Paris and IESA multimedia. It happens in Paris, so the article is in French. Silex Labs organise son prochain Haxetelier à l’IESA Multimédia,  5 Rue Saint-Augustin, 75002 Paris, le 11 septembre 2013 de 9H30 à 17H30 venez nombreux...
  2. Haxetelier #3 : Coup de Flash sur OpenFL, le workflow tout-en-un

    This article is about Haxe workshops organized by Silex Labs, with its partners Intermedia Paris and IESA multimedia. It happens in Paris, so the article is in French. Au programme Détachez vous d’Adobe mais gardez l’API Flash AS3. Utilisez vos connaissances AS3 pour créer une application multi-plateformes (mobile, tablette, PC). Eric Priou assurera l’animation...
  3. wwx2013 Lightning Talks

    Here are the videos of the wwx2013 lightning talks: Juraj Kirchheim « A new IDE is born, in Haxe for Haxe » Luciano Broussal « The Haxe Multiplayer solution by Nuggeta » Clemos aka Mister Sublime « Haxe as a web development tool » David Anema « Smooth animations with Haxe targeting JS » Jason O’Neil « Haxelib » Nicolas...
  4. wwx2013 speech: Jason O’Neil « Web Apps in Haxe (an idea whose time has come) »

    Jason O’Neil – Lead Developer, Sheridan Research Institute Jason O’Neil is a designer, hacker and developer from Perth, Western Australia. Making his first website at age 11, he loved it and went on to study Multimedia Design. Coming from ActionScript, PHP and Javascript, he discovered Haxe in 2009 and knew...
  5. wwx2013 speech: Danny Wilson & Ruben Weijers « Meet Prime, join forces »

    Ruben Weijers – Co-founder CiteFlow, responsible for IT Ruben studied in Rotterdam’s University of Applied Sciences, he works in Netherlands and is co-founder of CiteFlow. CiteFlow gives organisations insight in the knowledge of their employees using data-analytics algorithms. He uses his technical knowledge to bring ideas to life and loves...
  6. wwx2013 speech: Lorant Pinter « Conquering uniform cross-platform text rendering »

    Lorant Pinter – Developer at Prezi Lorant has been a software developer for more than twelve years. His most recent project at Prezi forced him out of his comfort zone of enterprise Java development, and pushed him over to the client side. This new challenge involves many platforms, dozens of...
  7. wwx2013 speech: Laszlo Pandy « Automating cross-platform UI development at Prezi »

    Laszlo Pandy – Developer at Prezi Automating cross-platform UI development at Prezi   Here are the other videos of the wwx2013: Day 1 – Talk Nicolas Cannasse: What is Haxe? – Talk Juraj Kirchheim: Macros: a lot has changed in Haxe 3 – Talk Cristian Băluță: Native iOS apps with haxe objective-C target – Talk Valérie Alloix...
  8. wwx2013 speech: Nicolas Barradeau aka nicoptère « Random graphic doodles »

    Nicolas Barradeau aka nicoptère – Creative coder Nicolas Barradeau was born in Paris, grew up in Lyon, practiced fencing till the age of 12 and has always been a poor skateboarder. He did the fine-arts until 2003 in Lyon and graduated with honors ; he was a good student. He...

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